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You set the campaign price and sell 1 out of 3 mobile campaigns your clients need

The more clients You Make, THE MORE YOU grow your income and revenue mobile marketing solution is a licensed package deal. The US is divided in 52 states, where every state has a Seasondeals logistic partner. Being a Sales agent, you work for our logistic partner in a specific zip code area. You sell campaigns and our partner creates these campaigns based on the number of clients you have. You set the price of how much a client of yours pays and we publish the campaign, invoice the client and afterwards you create the signage and publish to your clients Facebook Fanpage. You earn $10 monthly in recurring commission for every campaign sold, as long as your client is our customer.


(Suggested retail price $99/m)


(Suggested retail price $99/m)


(Suggested retail price $149/m)

  • - You don't need to create the campaigns, your logistic partner does
  • - Your average return per campaign sold is $10.00 per month, per client (Charge up front)
  • - Charge customer for 3 months up front --> $99 x 3 months = $297 (you make $30)
  • - You can sell unlimited numbers of campaigns to local clients and earn serious recurring income
  • - We and your logistic partner teach you how to do it, how to sell and we offer you 24/7 support
Sold Campaigns P/Month$£
Month 1 - 30 You make $900 p/mPlease contact usPlease contact us
Month 4 - 30You make $1.200 p/mPlease contact usPlease contact us
Month 8 - 30You make $2.400 p/mPlease contact usPlease contact us
Month 12 - 30You make $ 3.600 p/mPlease contact usPlease contact us


Our Logistic Partner shall provide you being his Sales Agent an 'online' operations manual, describing how to arrange and create the rich media ads, how to sell advertising, how advertising via Seasondeals operates and how to design such advertisements, how to determine the suggested pricing of advertising, in order to inform your clients. This manual also will include sample Filler ad Advertisements, supply Scratch & Save contests/coupons/vouchers in digital format for use by you in demonstrating campaigns and materials (The “Operations Manual”).

Online Orderform

Sales Agent Opportunity FAQs

What is a home business opportunity?

A home business is the agreement or license between two legally independent parties which gives a person or group of people (licensee) the right to market a product or service using the trademark or trade name of another business (we/us/ It provides the licensee (our logistic partners) the right to market a product or service using the operating methods of the licensor, for these rights the licensee is obligated to pay the licensor. We as the licensor have the obligation to provide rights and support to our licensee.

How can I find out if a® Home business is currently available?

When you apply, one of the Logistic Partners from your area will contact you and research all of the areas you are interested in and if you are suited for the job. You can apply now to get started.

Can I build my own mobile Scratch & Save campaigns with your Mobile CMS??

You can, but you don't need to. Every Seasondeals logistic partner has his/her own entry to our webpresence on our domain. This web presence can be used to create the structure of the rich media ad, you sold to your client. Our partners add the details from the online orderform your client signed, and use this to create the structure of the campaign. Seasondeal's deal_creatives team, will copy that campaign from the account, work on it and publish it. Then deal_creatives notifies you, your logistic partner and the merchant in order to review your thoughtfully crafted Rich Media Ad Unit for accuracy. Sales agents can now simply notify the client/merchant, share the campaigns to their clients/merchants facebook fanpage, and create the desired (instore)engagement.

If there are no business opportunities in my region, can I ?

Yes! Just apply and our Country Manager and International Business Development Director will contact you. Call us via (+1 800 921-4380 ext 235)

Will I receive® training?

Most definitely. When you become a® sales agent, you join the family. You also join a 24/7 support network dedicated to making sure every one of our agents succeed. From College to international conferences, to one-on-one guidance from our most successful and experienced mentors, to access to our international partner Support Network,® is a very interesting home business opportunity that comes with an incredibly high level of support.

How do I sign up as an agent?

It's easy; Simply give us a call, enter your details in one of our contact fields or reach out to us via skype. Just ask for Onne or Doug.

Can i become a State Logistic Partner (Reseller) and be responsible for other sales agents?

You sure can. But first we want you to know in detail how to set up the system and gain experience. After all, as a reseller, you will be managing the local agents in your State. So you start off by building a single location yourself under supervision. The moment you set up your own local region, incorporate 50 local merchants and start making serious money, the moment has come to investigate the option to add more 'zip code' locations to your existing business or to apply for state reseller in order to build the Seasondeals brand in surrounding area's. We will for sure contact you, once we see you're successfull and have what it takes...

Can I use my own domain name?

You don't have to. Your online campaigns are hosted on the domain. Merchants simply plug a url into any digital marketing campaign/channel.

Do I need a web host?

No. All Seasondeals campaigns include secure, unlimited e-commerce hosting for your online rich media ads. Seasondeals uses the best servers, networks and a global CDN to ensure your mobile coupons are reliable and fast.

How are's® logistic partner business opportunities determined?® low-cost home businesses deliver high returns because we choose our business opportunities strategically and with care. Communities/zipcodes with populations of at least 100,000 can usually support at least one® license, but entrepreneurs in communities with populations as low as 5,000 can also succeed if their community has the right characteristics. Apply now and® will work with you to determine how many licenses your chosen community can support.

In which countries does your platform work?

Worldwide! We power some of the world's most successful brands. Scalable : We handle many scans, and are rapidly growing. We deliver to all the major devices - iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows/Windows Phone. We're reliable in uptime and enterprise-class support. We are flexible where we easily can make updates to your campaigns in order to offer your merchant clients killer coupons.

Can you tell me more details?

You as our local sales agent, simply sell mobile campaigns to local merchants where our logistic partner does the invoicing and pays you your commission, where the Seasondeals campaign team creates these and publishes. All Seasondeals Scratch and Save contests have on the bottom of the coupon/voucher a powered by link, that redirects to the clients facebook fanpage. After validation of any coupon/voucher, it also redirects to clients facebook page. The campaigns can be shared by anyone, in order to let a campaign go viral. Check our seasonal deals on for details

How much experience do I need to make money from home with a® home business?

A background in sales or a active sales team will allow you to make the most of® business opportunities. Are you a self-starter with great people skills? Do you enjoy networking and community involvement through local, professional and service organizations?® sales agents need to be comfortable selling advertising to small and medium-sized businesses and need to have or gain a basic understanding of how to publish to a facebook timeline. A account, CMS platform and our support, marketing and graphic department takes care of the rest!

I don’t know anything about mobile ads, designing coupons or building mobile campaigns. How will I create my local®?

Don’t worry—if you can sell , you can make money from home with®. We offer a mobile advertising tool that will grab the attention of every local retailer, create the campaign for you, and publish on your behalf. Do you agree most businesses have a existing Facebook Business Page (Fanpage) in place? How many of them actually use their Fanpage, to offer real coupons and vouchers to their clients? Besides; We offer you 'The Blueprint' to have local business owners understand the product you're selling and we offer you one-on-one guidance and training from our most successful and experienced mentors and partners. With +30.000 Business owners who trust to generate their leads and sales on Facebook, we simply pass the bulk savings on to our local sales agents like you. Besides, the combination of publishing to social, coupons/campaigns that can be visited via a short url, us harvesting clients email addresses and remarketing your campaigns to all subscribers, combined with the additional options to simply create a printed eye-catching version of a coupon e.g.: table-talker, flyers, posters, hangtags and coupontags etc... Have customers scan a QR code and to redirect them to your clients campaigns... Additionally, every coupon that gets redeemed, can automatically be redirected to your clients website/social presence, in order for customers to enjoy all local deals and promotions, over and over. Besides, our campaigns offer integrated sharing to social platforms in order for customers to claim them and publish to their timeline, which leads to repeated recognition by their friends and followers of your brand in your geographic area.

What is "THE BLUEPRINT" you are talking about?

Try these 5 questions: 1. Hello, do you have a facebook business page? 2. Are your current clients on facebook and twitter and do they like gift cards? 3. Do you use your facebook's social presence to offer promotions to your clients? 4. And how does that work for you? 5. Can I show you in 5 minutes how you could make more money with your existing clients, and simply generate more turnover? Of course we know this isn't a sure thing but it sure helps, convincing yourself, on the parameters, that lead to success, on a daily basis - every day...

How will I convince local merchants to advertise with® ?

You will have the ultimate demo system in place, being a local campaign directory you can show on your mobile, tablet or Pc. Simply visit your any local campaign sold or visit the seasondeals website, to show potential merchants how the system works. Have them scan the qr code or have them enter the shorturl in order to connect, so they will have your entire list of deals and promotions on their mobile smartphone. What also helps, is just sharing a promotion on their company facebook page, in order for them to understand everyone can now engage and open their coupons via their facebook timeline.  

Is there someone I can talk to about

Absolutely. We are here to help you every step of the way and always available. You can contact us at any time at  or call us via (+1 800) 921-4380 (ext 235) with any question about our product and service. You can also connect to your local partner and we can bring you in contact with a local/country spokesperson any time you want. Just click the 'Contact Us' button and let us know who you are.


It is more about asking questions to merchants, can you do that?

  • - 1 : What percentage of your customers, visitors and passersby will come along with their wallet, and cell phone? Are you already advertising to mobile, in order to reach this group?
  • - 2 : Do you have any kind of loyalty system running and are you trying to get to know your customers, by collecting customer data and information, during their visits? Do you see its usefulness? Would mobile be a appropriate add-on? How do your customers respond to your Newsletter / Advertising via email? Could you add digital coupons / vouchers, to your email campaigns?
  • - 3 : Do you think mobile interaction, is supplemental to your current engagement methods? 3b. Do you think mobile campaigns would be suited for your clients and customers? --> Download Orderform
  • - 4 : What do your perceive being a higher quality campaign; This mobile Pastapizza Campaign or this Scratch & WIn a free drink contest?
  • - 5 : In real live we see a high response rate, when consumers notice, real prizes or discounts that can be won, they like to participate. Many companies offer printed/paper version scratch and win games. Do you think your customers, would be inclined to participate, on their smartphones?
  • - 6 : Obviously, you cannot give away free items and grand prizes over and over; But imagine, your customers don't win your first prize, but they all win your 2nd prize; For instance - Buy one cocktail, get one free or buy 1 dessert, get one 50% off... and, they would regard and perceive this, as a prize they won? And the moment they win, a stop watch counts down, from 10 / 30 minutes down, showing the expiration of the offer. After that, the prize / offer is no longer valid. What is your opinion, in your industry, would this result in customers and visitors, who decide to accept the prize they won, being your offer?
  • - 7 : In a mobile set-up, for a long time there is no interaction with a vendor / sales person. No positive interaction, but also no negative. Do you think, customers with a mobile will perceive this as positive or negative, not being addressed in advance. Like at any gas station, nowadays...
  • - 8 : It's a daily routine, where shoppers visit your location, but leave without buying. No problem. But, did you ever consider those visitors, you expect to leave without buying, in triggering them by making them a personal offer, and seduce them in making a buying decision? Not by personally "nagging them or pushing your product" , but triggering them via mobile, would that be an option in your industry?
  • - 9 : Selling, and making actual sales in any industry, undoubtedly requires certain qualities, where everybody is different. For example part-timers, or those who are naturally less qualified from a sales perspective/angle, would they benefit from and find support in, mobile being a sales assistant?
  • - 10 : Do you think running seasonal promotions through mobile coupons, vouchers and Scratch & Win / Save campaigns, (eg the themes Black Friday or Christmas) would complement your current business proposition?
  • - 11 : Is your industry, and are the client groups you target, pre dominantly restrained or more interested in a mobile / digital approach and more contemporary, considering mobile, as being complimentary?
  • - 12 : Do you see 'APPS' as a means of mobile customer contact, for smaller businesses? US consumers have a average of 24 apps installed, where their bank, facebook and twitter, are the three most prominent. What are the chances, a mom-and-pop shop, would have their APP downloaded, you think? What would be a better solution you think; Developing an app, or use HTML5 as the carrier of digital content? Are you using social media, like facebook and twitter ,to engage clients?
  • - 13 : There are signs of a increasing appetite for mobile contactless payments. Do you see mobile as a medium, as a threat or complementary!  And, can you ignore mobile for the future, without actually losing turnover?
  • - 14 : In and around your location, can you see the added value, mobile could offer?. Would your clientele be inclined to connect with you, in order to grab your deals and promotions, with mobile being the medium?
  • - 15 : Well, the example campaigns on this page, undoubtedly have given you some suggestions and ideas, on what's possible. What sort of mobile campaigns, you think, would benefit your business, and would be able to help you increase customer contact, grow your databases and increase sales?
  • - 16 : Gift Cards, are being used and issued by the large, multi location companies. Do you think digital Gift Card campaigns like this one, would benefit your business and do you think your clients would be interested in using them?

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